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bitxhh-cagna-xox said: hey i just came across your page b/c i was looking at FIU stuff & i was wondering your thoughts on the school because i have read soooooo many negative comments and im like damn is this a good school?.... & btw you are sooo pretty and you and your husband ( i think lol) aree soooo fuckking cute , like i could die

Sorry I took so long to write. I never really go in tumblr. But thank you!!But FIU isn’t horrible, the classes are pretty tough. I never spent much time at school except for classes but it is a nice campus. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself it’s not that bad of a school. Good luck!

backtoblack9481 said: Check out my blog maybee lol?? :p You're soooo gorgeous!!

Thank you

amelia-nx said: You and your husband are the cutest! You guys should do like the husband/wife tag hehe

Thank you! Soon we will :D

dsquaredtoo said: Omg your so gorgeous!!!!

Thank you 😘😘

pleasepullmecl0ser said: Please post more pictures of you and your husband you guys are so cute

Thanks! I have plenty on Instagram too. Deebaby511

whitechocolatecaramellove said: Hi Deanna, Your little boy is soo adorable.. :) Congratulations to you both!

Thank you 😀!

fuckdatshiet said: You live in miami?